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December 08, 2005



This is the first comment on this blog. It is also completely unsolicited.

I began my relationship with Mr Gerstien when I married a woman from another country. I wanted my wife to have all the wonderful benefits and opportunities that I had as an American citizen. I hired Mr Gerstien to help guide us through the process for U.S. immigrations. He worked quickly and everything proceeded flawlessly. In 4 short years, my wife's status progressed from a mere work permit to a certified U.S. citizen.

Thank you Mr Gerstien for making it so easy for us.

Lonnie and Elia Gilliam

Ken Levitz

Thank you so much for the insight - if only the friends I have made were so fortunate when they encountered similar problems. Most dont know who to turn to.

Ron Jones

For over 35 years have manufactured electrical specially products for approximately 40 major electrical companies. Eight years ago found difficulty in hiring and/or keeping skilled and non-skilled laborers. The Latinos were our saviors. They constitute approximately 1/2 of my work force. Our company pays twice the min wage, bonuses, worker comp, plus other amenities provided to my other workers. All taxes and social security are cut (Everything is done above board). And I have never questioned their legallity. Some of these employees (Latinos) have not been home in several years. Hopefully someday they will be able to travel to home and back without fear and our small company will continue to survive as it has for so long. For the past five years I have been become very distraut over the inability of our congress to help with companies like mine who so dependent on a labor force that is willing to work. If they wish I will personally take my employees to the American Consulate in Monterry and do everything required. However, I need to do it over a long weekend so we can be get back to work. Ron Jones

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